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Born in Milan and grown in the hinterland, before graduating at Facoltà del Design of Politecnico di Milano in 2007, he won the design contest LavatriceCinese MadeinMilano of Candy Group and BIC LaFucina, where he designed a washing machine with the Chinese designer Yu Wenhou Ben.
In the same period he collaborated in Studio Museo Achille Castiglioni, having the privilege to browse fabulous objects and project of the bright architect.
Then he worked with Vito DiBari at DiBari Innovation Design, on innovative technologies and creative application of them.
In 2008 he began working with Ferrarelle, leading and historical water brand in Italy, designing the acrobatic magnetic glasses Effe, able to cling magnetically to metal objects and to stay hanging upside down, getting the cupboard free.
Since 2009 he is collaborating with Toan Nguyen, working in furniture and product design field, designing for international companies.

carlo casagrande freelance designer

September 2010 | Monza Club
Interview on Monza Club, monthly magazine about society, sport, events, art and news.
August 2010 | Design Library | Milan
Lecture "Idee costruttive"
with Dario Brevi, Carlo Casagrande, Massimo Giacon, Paolo Ulian, Valerio Castelli, Giovanni Pivetta
July 15th 2010 | Camera di Commercio Monza
Lecture "Dal Caos del linguaggio delle idee alla trasparenza delle scelte condivise sulla cultura dell’abitare"
May 13th 2010 | Design Library | Milan
Lecture "Vitamina D" - I Giovedì del Design
with Asterisco Lab, Carlo Casagrande, D'Alesio e Santoro
April 2010 | Fuorisalone | Milan
Effe glasses for Ferrarelle at
Spazio Dexter | via Savona 20
Mostra Gualtiero Marchesi | Castello Sforzesco
La Rinascente Duomo | 7° piano
Effe Glass | Ferrarelle
Ferrarelle presents Effe, the acrobatic glass, able to cling magnetically to metal objects and to stay hanging upside down, can be left out of the cupboard getting it free, comfortable to use and handy.
Round shaped, incidentally referring to the shape of the little bubbles in the water, the glass is made of blown glass and provided with a magnetic stainless element able to support the weight once hung to a metal surface.
Those who have no metal in the kitchen can use the proper shelf able to house 4 glasses and to stick it to the wall or under a wall cupboard. It is made of a flexible sheet that once bended must be stuck using the proper stickers, simple to place and to remove when you wish.

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November 2007 | Fiera Campionaria | Milan
Hosted by MilanoMadeinDesign stand Candy TianChi washing machine will be presented for LavatriceCinese MadeinMilan contest with BIC LaFucina and Provincia di Milano.
Lavatrice Tian Chi | Jinling | Candy Group
For those who trademark themselves with laziness, a washing machine in which you can dump your clothes as slam dunk and with a lid that can return to close automatically.
Carlo Casagrande + Yu Wenhou Ben
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